What is HypaType?

What is HypaType? It's simply a way of speeding up your typing.
Using HypaType, for instance, if you type the following text: "as qui as pos." it will automatically be replaced with "As quickly as possible. "
You can type up to twice as fast using HypaType.
View it in action below.
"It seems to intuitively know what I’m typing ... HypaType has really revolutionised my work."
- Joan Davies (Professional Typist)
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What makes HypaType so powerful?

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Introductory offer of $20, for a limited time.
Runs on Windows XP or above.
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Read the user manual for US English (also available as a Word document).
Read the user manual for other English dialects (also available as a Word document).
Note the examples in the manual will not work until HypaType is installed.
See the mailing list.
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